Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spider Pill to cut Medical Bill!

Excitement awaits for doctors whenever something disturbs patient from within his abdomen. If his abdomen is cut open and viewed they could stop the disturbance; but the procedure is both invasive and risky. Now a less invasive and novel way to view the inner wall of intestine has been devised by the Italian Scientists using a small device
called 'Spider Pill.' Though the way is not a new one, there are more improvements in it now. This pill after having been swallowed walks inside the intestine, and with its tiny camera takes pictures of any abnormal ulcers or growths such as cancer present and sends them to doctors like a press photographer! Doctors could order it to walk anywhere inside the intestines either in the forward or the backward direction by remote control. Imagine about how much difficulty a patient have in swallowing thick tubes of Endoscopies and the struggle the doctors have for that. All these are obviated by using this wonder pill. Once its duty is over, this spider pill comes out of the intestine with the excrement. At present the pill is a success in pigs. Soon it will be a success in humans too after trials. It could be the easier 'Diagnostic Pill' to detect serious illnesses at their early stages and to have a cure by stopping their further growth, spread or by their total removal.

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disease management said...

Sounds great...such a device is sure to bring about a very easy way to good health through better treatment.

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