Friday, October 9, 2009

Wonderful Peacock Flower Tree!

As a school going boy I know about a tree that bears beautiful flowers. This tree that was present in my school had its ground all strewn with its reddish yellow flowers.
We used to chew these flower petals to get the sour taste out of them! ...This tree is the Peacock Flower tree (Flamboyant, Royal Poinciana, Delonix regia, Gul Mohur)! Then, only in the month of May I used to see this tree bloom all over on the sides of highways. But now I see it everywhere here, flowering from April to October! I have grown this ornamental tree myself from seed that you see here standing near my residence:

I see many winged visitors on this tree - both birds and bees: Sun birds, Seven sisters, Tree pies and Butterflies, Honey bees. All these visitors are so much attracted by this tree's reddish yellow flowers that the place is always filled with musical bird songs! The largest petal of the tree's flower is spotted in yellow and white, that this pattern resembles the tail feathers of a Peacock and hence the name of the tree. I collect this tropical tree's pods, take out the seeds and sell them online to aid its 'Seed dispersal'!

We write (with needles) our names on the trunk this wonder tree, and find them grow larger and larger as the tree grows more and more in size!

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telephone triage said...

Nice to read about such fun time at school..remembering old days too.

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