Friday, December 25, 2009

Making History through Time Capsules!

In the ancient civilizations human beings were eager to communicate with their future generations of the world about their deeds and history. For that they stored goods and information inside Pyramids or wrote the information on
stones or metals as inscriptions. These all objects still exist as wonders, and continue to be wonders. Present day human beings are also eager to communicate like this but in different ways. We bury Time Capsules down inside the Earth. These capsules
contain varied goods like electronic storage devices, documents and others that pertain to the culture existing at the time of such burial. Some men have also tried storing information in bottles and letting them to float on the sea to be retrieved and read by the future generations. We have also tried now to store information in Space by attaching information on spacecrafts! Now another easiest way of such storage has also begun: online storage in internet! For example, one can see such a time capsule in this website --> Yahoo Time Capsule.

We go on trying hardly to decipher out the mysteries out of such ancient storage places to know the yet unknown history. Understanding about this hardship, we now try also to make our future generations understand easily about our culture and history through such wonderful Time Capsules as those placed inside satellites - to be wondered by our descendants belonging to the time 50,000 years far off from now!

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