Friday, December 18, 2009

Unresistible sweet Madras Thorn!

There is a tree that is liked by many animals, humans and insects. It is the Madras Thorn (Manila Tamarind, Sweet Tamarind, Pithecellobium dulce, 'Kodukkapuli' in Tamil). Goats are attracted by its leaves as they are tasty to them. Parrots, crows and squirrels find its pod as a sweet fruit. Children and adults too eat the pods as snacks. The pods that hang from this tree in coils, are greenish first and turn pink to red as it matures. The pinkish or white substance enclosing the black seeds is the sweet delicacy present in the pod. It relieves constipation also. After taking it you can smell its presence in urine within a few hours - that indicates that it is easily digestible and is absorbed easily into the blood. Honey bees, butterflies swarm the greenish white flowers of the tree to collect and relish on the nectar.

The tree has small spines all over its trunk and branches. It grows to a height of about eight meters and gives a broad shade in sunshine. It is drought resistant and is evergreen throughout the year. After rain showers all of its seeds that have fallen down to the ground readily sprout and grow into tiny saplings! Due to this prolific nature of the tree it has been declared as weed and pest in some countries!

In spite of it, this wonder tree is still the most sought after tree for the kids, goats, birds and bees for the delicacies that it gives!

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