Friday, January 1, 2010

Chemical wonder in Pharaoh's Serpent!

In 1960s during festivals an exciting firework was
lit to the amazement of children. It is a small black tablet that gave out a snake-like thing amidst smoke, when it was lit. This black snake (Pharaoh's Snake, 'Paamboo maathirai' in Tamil) entertained children as it 'grew' out with a curling movement, as though it is a magic! This tablet contained a wonder chemical that was combined with sugar and gum. The chemical is Mercuric thiocyanate [Hg(SCN)2]. Then, as soon as all the 'snake' came out, all that black mass was collected carefully and disposed off safely, beyond the reach of children. Now this firework novelty is no more in the fireworks market, as it was later announced as hazardous to the health due to its toxicity.

See here a related video: Burning Mercuric thiocyanate!

If this declared End and Beginning give hope and happiness, I say, 'Bye' to 2009 and 'Welcome' to 2010!

"Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!"

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shanthi said...

ya i have enjoyed that in my childhood days.your blog made me to remember those fun days.

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