Friday, January 29, 2010

Curing Diabetes with EndoBarrier!

Diabetes, as you know, has now become a global disease affecting human lives in many countries. It is related to Obesity: obese people are more prone to develop Diabetes. So far, the reduction of obesity has been tried with risky surgical operations. Now, a non-surgical treatment for it has been devised. It aids also in reversing Diabetes (Type 2) that has its onset in a person
just now!
The device used is called 'EndoBarrier.' With an Endoscope it is inserted inside the intestine of the person through his mouth. It is just a plastic sleeve that blocks the absorption of food in intestine making the Blood Sugar level to fall - thus it reverses back a fresh diabetic person to lead a normal life as before! And this fall of sugar level lessens also the gain in body weight thereby reducing the obesity also. It is said that this treatment has no side effects at all, and that the device can be removed easily later.

As this wonder procedure takes only about 15 minutes, soon in future it may be adopted in the Diabetic camps in India as the Laparoscopic sterilizations were done in Family Welfare camps in 1980s!


Sanhita said...

Any idea when and where this procedure will be available?

Cosmos said...

You can get what you need here:
(Click also on 'Next' in it to find out the needed information). Thanks to you, where ever you are.

Desperate said...

Annen... Superana articles. pictures ellam potturikkinga.
Heally Nice.

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