Friday, January 15, 2010

Indian Robin rocks here!

A different thing having unusual size, color or movement attracts always our attention towards it. A tiny bird with black color and jerky flights is an example for it. It is the Indian Robin (Saxicoloides fulicatus, 'Kall
ukkuruvi' in Tamil). It is found in open grounds perching on rocks, hopping around and catching insects. It keeps its tail always up; but occasionally wags it down. The male is black and has chestnut colored vent. Female is gray colored. I have seen this bird both in town and village! In town it was seen atop the highest building giving its call. But in villages it is seen on the rock tops. It is not much alerted by the approach of humans. Males sing at the breeding season. Eggs are laid in nests built in between rocks. They hatch out into young ones in 10 days!

This wonder bird is the easily identified bird among all the others found in Southern India.

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