Friday, January 8, 2010

Kidney stone remover, Aerva!

Even in this modern era
beliefs are there. They are continued still as such by generations after generations. But it is tolerable where ever the intention out of them is a good one. Here in Tamil Nadu, India, a medicinal plant is tied at the entrance of houses during Thai Pongal festival
--> to prevent the inhabitants from evil spirits!
This plant is Aerva lanata (Mountain Knot Grass, 'Kannupoolai chedi' in Tamil). This small shrub is found in wastelands. It is a perennial plant that is seen prominent during winter when it bears white stalk-less spongy flowers all over its branches. Its fruits are oval and seeds are black. It has many varied medicinal properties from place to place! It is said to be used much in treating kidney related diseases like Kidney stones. Its leaves are used in the form of decoction in sore throat treatment; roots have demulcent property in cough; flowers relieve pain the back!
Tying this wonder plant with Turmeric plant and Neem sprigs is considered to be auspicious at this time of Thai Pongal festival, that comes in mid-January each year!


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