Friday, January 22, 2010

Ready mates to mate IN Anglerfish!

Usually humans learn from animals and use those animals' technologies in machines, such as airplane etc.
A bony fish uses a tactic to catch its prey that we humans use! It fishes(!) with an angling rod and a bait as we do in angling! The fish is the Anglerfish (Frogfish). It has a fleshy 'rod' hanging from its head that serves as a bait to lure the preys into its mouth and devour.

Strangely, all that anglerfishes that are caught for inspection are found to be females only. Where are the males, and how they reproduce? The males are small and are seen like a parasite clinging to the females! The freely born young males bite and attach themselves with a female fish and get connected to its blood stream. Then they become fused with the female for their entire life. Later its organs disintegrate making its body a mere gonads - containing appendages that supply sperms to the female to get the eggs fertilized!

It is a wonder fish with all the wonders in its strange life activities!


h e m a n t h said...

Very intriguing. This made me read more about the angler fish. Definitely a wonder fish!

h e m a n t h said...

Let alone the predating tactics of this fish. It could easily scare someone to death! Click to view this pic-

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