Friday, February 26, 2010

Exciting Annular Solar Eclipse 2010!

When we are behind an object we will not be able to see any object that lies in front of it. It was learned by us as a child's play in our childhood. That is happening in a celestial hiding too - the Solar eclipse or the Lunar eclipse. In January 15th of this year 2010, here in Tamil Nadu of South India, we had the chance of viewing the Annular Solar Eclipse - an exact central fitting of Moon on the Sun leaving only an outer ring of Sun's disc unobstructed. This event was the longest one of this millennium; it happened at afternoon. I viewed it around 1.30pm IST. The following were also seen as an effect during the eclipse affecting the environment:

1) The usual light blue sky became darker blue.
2) The birds that usually return to their roosting place at evening (flying towards the North) were seen in return flight in flocks at this time!
3) The mosquitoes that come out for having their meal at dusk, were seen around me at afternoon!
4) Birds on the trees began to sing their song as they do at evenings!
5) It was like standing under showering cool moonlight - at afternoon, when the sun was shining(!) overhead. I didn't feel the hotness!

An after-effect was also felt at that day's night: severe coldness that set in suddenly! Probably there was also an effect before this eclipse: the usual severe coldness did not set earlier this winter - before the occurrence of this eclipse! We are just now released from the hold of this severe late and unusual coldness of the winter that had been prolonged for a month this year!

A wonder eclipse that was here to excite us and animals!

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