Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lotus heats its chamber for bees!

When guests come, we as humans offer them all food and facilities with much hospitality. Then it is needless to to say how much hospitality will be there for those visitors who bring with them some advantages for us. Such a hospitality exists in plants also. Sacred Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera, 'Thamarai' in Tamil) exhibits it to the visiting bees.

Its flowers reward the pollinator bees with heat energy! Each one of these flowers can regulate its own inside temperature within the range of 30 to 36 degree Centigrade (their petals close at night and open at morning), when there is an outside temperature fluctuation of 10 to 45 degree Centigrade (Thermoregulation)! Apart from enjoying the warmth inside the flower the bees also need energy to warm up themselves before their taking up to flight out after pollinating. To save their energy here, the flower itself warms up its chamber of petals for the bees - for taking up their flight the next day (Thermogenesis)!

It is astonishing that the Lotus too has this wonder nature of rewarding, as we have our similar human nature!

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