Friday, February 5, 2010

Needle Threader eases your eyes!

In our human life, at each phase of our age we have our own best performing activities. Equally, at the same time we have also the impairment of our other activities that we did well in our earlier phase! Such an activity is the impairment of close print reading (viewing) ability of the eye, called as Presbyopia. When I was a school student my mother had given me often thread and a stitching (sewing) needle to thread through the needle's eye for her.

Now it is not needed to call the young to thread a needle. Wasting of the time spent in moistening the tip of the thread or cutting the frayed end of the thread, and then trying to thread can be avoided by a simple and smaller instrument. It resolves your difficulty and also avoids going in search of your Reading Glass. It is the Needle threader. Astonishingly it is a small piece of metal having a diamond-shaped loop of wire at its one end! Thread this loop that has been put inside the eye of the needle and pull it back: you have now threaded within a few seconds!
This wonder threader is a simple tool from technology that gives enormous relief to the eyes!

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