Friday, April 23, 2010

Stitch Ripper makes ripping easy!

I find often labels stuck to the cloths that I wear. These labels advertise about the company or the tailor which are unwanted and unsightly marring the good appearance of the cloths. Should I bear them on me always, wherever I go wearing the cloths? I am sure that I shall be unable to remove those labels easily - with a razor blade or by using a stitching needle.

Even if I attempt and succeed in it I find myself in loss of time dissolving out my triumph over the label. Recently I found out a tool that came in my way in the form of a gift from a relative. It is the Stitch Ripper. It is just like a screw driver with a point that resembles a broken eye of a stitching needle. Insert all of its pointed end under a seam and give a gentle lift up or push forward - you get now the thread cut! With two or three such cuts you can strip away all through the label easily in no time! The magic here lies in the inner curve of the ripper, that is the sharpest to cut neatly the thread.
It is a wonder and easy tool from technology that saves one from the irritation of removing seams, and that saves one's time too!



Just a quick note to say that I found your blog by chance (on 'next blog') and I love it.

Cosmos said...

Thanks for your visit and viewing!

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