Friday, April 9, 2010

Wonder magnet that attracted me!

A hitherto lifeless inanimate thing starts now to move about - this will amaze you, is it not? In childhood I too wondered this when an iron piece 'went by itself' to attach with a pocket magnet! With the magnet I used to go on testing all the objects in the house. Some coins were attracted by it while others were not. Quality ever- silver utensils were not attracted and so on ....!

And I even made a magic dancing pin with a concealed magnet. Gathered soil, dipped magnet in it and drew it out with iron particles clinging to it all over - which wondered my mother too. Then I pinched out these particles onto a sheet of paper and made them to sway this side and that side like a possessed woman, with the magnet under the paper! Wonders and wonders everywhere are found with this magnet. Magnets attract ferromagnetic materials - not only the iron, but also Cobalt, Nickel and other alloys (present in coins). Temporary magnets are also there! A metal wire carrying electric current behaves as a magnet (example: that used in Calling bells). Even magnet produces electricity when it is inserted (and rotated) inside such a temporary magnet coil (example: a Dynamo in a bicycle). If a temporary magnet carries electric current in its coil, it can also rotate the shaft of a water pump and draw up water from well!
Even our mother Earth itself is a huge magnet! In its magnetic field our 'moving magnet' called the Compass needle always points to Earth's North pole!
This wonderful magnet doing wonders and wonders in Wonders in the world was and is the sole source 'magnet' that attracted me and induced interest in Electricity and Electronics!

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