Friday, May 28, 2010

Be active, limit intake - for losing weight!

World wide personal problem is our body weight! I see many blogs that are entirely dedicated to posting on 'Weight losing.' Books and magazines quite often carry articles on this weight losing. These indicate that there is a global problem: Obesity. Once I found myself gaining weight due to insufficient activities and high intake of excessively nutritious diet.

Realizing it, I made it a daily routine to go for a brisk evening walk of one hour, and also limited the main diets content (starchy food) to a smaller plate than the usual one. The result was remarkable: I lost my plump outline altogether within about two month's time! So, daily outdoor activities supplemented with limited intake of selected food gives a positive and permanent result. Then it is needless to say about the magic effect of the vigorous exercises and the elimination of routine fatty food, and addition of newer slimming food (fibrous foods) in diet. That effect will be a conspicuous and permanent weight loss from being overweight, which is seen only after it is continued for about say, six month's time and it will be then sustained all throughout the rest of lifetime.

When you feel hungry, eat to lessen it and do not take all that dishes supplied in front. Don't rush for the food, or be fast in taking food. Be slow and chew well to taste the food. Here, sooner you shall become satisfied than before and stop yourself from taking any excess food. In a party, do not hesitate to say no to the excess food that is about to be served. If it is served in spite of this, put aside this excess. It is also your right to refuse any food that you do not like to have.
The major lifestyle diseases that affect people globally such as Diabetes and Hypertension could also be prevented by these simple restriction and permission in life. Moreover, all of the complications of those diseases such as Neuropathy, Impairment of vision, Strokes and Heart attacks can be avoided also, extending our longevity to its full!
Such wonderful weight reduction should be practiced by all of us at all times - even from our infancy as it is done for immunization against preventable diseases, to lead a disease-free adult life!

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