Thursday, June 24, 2010

Purple Orchid Tree, the most sought!

Orchid flowers are very beautiful. But the orchids are difficult to grow and have these flowers. There is an easily grown tropical tree that bears flowers resembling Orchid flowers! It is the Purple Orchid Tree (Bauhnia purpurea, Butterfly Tree, Purple Camel's foot, 'Iruvaatchi' in Tamil). Its flowers are pink and fragrant.

This small tree is about twelve meters high. It bears leaves that are bi-lobed or notched, hence its other name, the Camel's foot. It blooms in autumn bearing flowers for a longer time. The seeds are borne on flat, brown pods. These pods split and disperse the flat, brown seeds up to thirty feet away. Seeds readily germinate when there are summer showers, as we can see then there tiny saplings all around the tree!

This orchid tree is also an abode for ants and treehoppers.

It is a wonder tree that is the most sought after tree among the tree lovers all over the world!

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