Friday, June 11, 2010

A spring in Summer, Artesian spring!

In my childhood I was shown the wonder of getting water by simply digging with hands a half a foot deep pit in the sand of river bed! Recently, I encountered a mystery of getting water without even this digging. An old dug-up storm water drain nearby is always dry except in rainy season. In the previous summer, to my amazement I witnessed water gushing out from its floor!

The water flow stopped by itself in two hours' time. Later, the drain dried up in a day. The area is having from up to down, the strata of clayey soil, porous sand - and - stone layer and lastly the rocky layer. All these put together solved the mystery: there was the Artesian spring!

In the surrounding place, between the clayey soil and the rocky layer the sand-stone layer had been saturated with the rain water got from the previous rainy season. Due to the built up pressure, the water has gushed up to the floor of the storm water drain through a vent on it - probably a broken rock!
Here, it was a wonder Artesian spring to look at, as we have read about it only in text books!

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