Friday, July 16, 2010

Animals living without Oxygen!

For any living animal Oxygen is the basic requirement. Without Oxygen there will be no life in it. Recently there was a news about the discovery of creatures living about 3.5 kilometers under the Mediterranean Sea where there is no Oxygen at all!

These creatures (Loriciferans) are only a millimeter long and resemble jelly fish. They have been discovered by a team from Marche Polytechnic University, Ancona, Italy. (One of the creatures has been named as Spinoloricus cinzia). Their cells lack mitochondria that use Oxygen to generate energy. Instead hydrogenosomes are present. These indicate that the creatures have been living without Oxygen. When they were found out, they contained eggs also that were successfully hatched out!
Yet another mysterious world containing such wonder animals exists in this Earth itself - waiting to be explored by all of us!

Click on here to know more about these:
Spinoloricus cinziamitochondriahydrogenosomes

1 comment:

Asha said...

water is hydrogen+oxygen how come there can be no oxygen in mediterranean sea does that mean all seas have no oxygen in them?Can this creature live on land or on moon where there no oxygen peripa?

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