Friday, July 30, 2010

Rabbits take yucky for health!

In Nature everything is happening with an inner meaning or intention. It may look absurd and dirty. But in animals it is done for goodness - the health. I refer here to Coprophagy, the act of taking one's own faeces. For example, Rabbit (Sylvilagus floridanus, 'Muyal' in Tamil) does this!

It does not have a complex digestive system as we have. Digestion takes place in its large intestine. Fibrous materials are first separated from the herbevorous diet and passed out. The remaining digestible and nutritious material containing minerals, proteins and vitamins are then passed out in the form of pellets (Cecotropes). This is taken up as soon as it is out, for its second passing through the guts - to get absorbed in the small intestine and to maintain the health of the rabbit! The fibrous part of the diet that is passed out as such, is not taken at all.
Let us see yet another but a different one in Nature: The Naked Mole Rats (Heterocephalus glaber, Sand Puppy) feed the young ones with their faeces! Here it is for promoting growth!

Anyway it is a wonder nature present among animals that has been devised by Nature to keep them hale and healthy!

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eiknujomorp said...

Does this system work on cow and buffalo too?
And what about pigs? They eat their vomit, right? What for?

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