Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Capillaries save the Brain!

To have a free flow of water in channels we shall have to desilt it periodically. That is also being done in our body to have a free flow of blood to our brain. Pressure of blood flow dislodges any block such as clots or cholesterol present inside the blood vessels, or enzymes are rushed to the block's site and is dissolved by it.

But this happens only in large blood vessels. Then what is there in the case of smallest blood vessels, the capillaries, where pressure and enzymes don't work? One of the studies of Northwestern University on mice has found out about it. Whenever the block is found a membrane grows over it from the wall of the capillary, envelops it and shoves it out of capillary wall!

Whenever there is a deficient supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, then there brain stroke may evolve. Stroke is irreversible. Then it is needless here to say about the importance of this wonder mechanism of removing debris from capillaries.

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