Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Colour the skies with Fireworks!

Each morning as it dawns, we see different colours displayed by Nature before our eyes. But at night's darkness we don't see anything colourful around us. But we can get here our environment coloured, and get also our skies coloured - by using Fireworks! (Pyrotechnics). Attracted by the colours produced by the fireworks, I tried some experiments myself then as a school student.

At home I threw Common Salt powder (Sodium chloride) and Aluminium powder onto the fire. But I got out of it only yellow and white sparkles with crackling sounds.

Then in college days I tried various chemical salts on the flame of the Bunsen burner at the laboratory and got the wondrous colours that I wanted! Barium salts yielded green colour, Strontium salts the red and the Copper salts gave the blue colour. Then I learned that mixing a particular salt with the chemicals of the fireworks produced a particular colour (Colour Pyrotechnics).
These colours of fireworks are always wonders in the night's sky anywhere and at any day. But they are seen specially on the skies over India at this special festival time - Diwali festival, 'the festival of lights' celebrated by Hindus!

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