Friday, November 19, 2010

The courtship wonder in Dragonflies!

I had often seen Dragonflies fly low over ponds touching the water surface now and then with their ends. And I have also seen them flying in pairs one behind the other, and wondered about them. These are the reproductive displays by virtue of their nature. We shall see about this interesting displays here.

Male dragonfly carries its sperms in packets (Spermatophores) in their abdominal tip, and transfers them to its second abdominal segment with its tip. Then it clasps the flying female's head with its end tip. Both of them fly together in tandem (female behind the male). But here actually the male only flies and the female takes rest.

Now the female curves its abdominal tip below and forwards to meet with the second abdominal segment of the male and picks up the spermatophores. This act is visualized as the formation of a circle that is heart-shaped! After this courtship, the female releases its hold on the male and both fly in tandem for sometime. Then the female completely releases itself from the male and flies away to shallow water to lay eggs. There, over the water surface it drops itself down now and then touching the water, and lays eggs in such series of dips.
These dragonflies continue to be a wonder always thus - even in their courtship and reproductive styles!

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