Friday, December 3, 2010

Tunneling bird, the Kingfisher!

If you go near a tree and a blue bird flies out with a high pitched sound startling you, it might be a Kingfisher. Here in urban South India we frequently spot this tree kingfisher, called as White-breasted Kingfisher (Halcyon fusca, 'Meenkotthi' in Tamil). It has pointed bill. Its back, wings and tail are blue. Head, shoulder and belly are coloured chestnut brown. Breast is white. Bill and legs are red. The bird dives down to get the fish underwater! On returning back to its perch with the fish, it kills the fish by beating it on the perch before swallowing it. Other preys of kingfisher include frogs, earthworms, insects, spiders etc. The bird digs nest in the stream banks and live inside the tunnel of 50cm length. It lays white eggs that hatch out in 20 days' time.
This kingfisher is a wonder bird with all its remarkable life activities!


Erica said...

I like kingfisher .

Manohar Singh said...

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