Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rolling back with Roll Films!

My childhood excitements were much as my sisters and brothers showed me all the wonders in this world. My eldest brother used to enter into darkened room whenever there was a family function. When I tried to peep into the room he shouted at me to close the door. Later he explained me after coming out of the room thus: he was loading his camera with a Roll film that would have been spoiled if it was done outdoors in daylight!

That roll film had a wooden spool around which a photographic film was rolled around. I noticed it when my brother unloaded it after he clicked all the events of the function (- that was also done in darkness!). This 'roll film holder' (the name by which the roll film was known then) was invented by David Henderson Houston in 1881. Its patent was sold to George Eastman in 1889 by his brother, Peter Houston. Then it was used in Eastman's Kodak box camera.

When I was grown up, I used colour 120 film roll in my camera. Later I switched over to 135 films (35mm wide) in point-and-shoot camera. Then I saw the instant printing of images clicked with a Polaroid camera. Thus wonders follow one by one in photography - now Camera phones and Digital cameras have entered the scene. These all have made one unaware of the existence of roll films.
But nothing has yet paralleled this wonder roll film even now: it gives sharp pictures with all the colours reproduced in fidelity - even in any enlargement sizes!

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h e m a n t h said...

Love the title- "Rolling back with roll films"! :)

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