Friday, September 23, 2011

Downburst - a mighty nature of Nature!

On one of the days in June 2010, the Guava tree in my garden was uprooted by the windy rains. That tree yielded delicious fruits twice each year; it gave me the fruits through the window of my house - I plucked them through the window itself! The tree was a wonderful place to both birds and animals that I used to click many pictures and posted them in this blog. It was a tall tree that had grown up for almost eight years then. I was sorrowful about the incident. How could it have been uprooted on a single day?
I found out then an explanation for it: there was a heavy summer rain at afternoon on the previous day of the incident. It had made the red soil of the garden loose, soft and waterlogged with the storm water. On the day of the incident too it was raining at the afternoon; but it was accompanied with stronger and continuous flowing winds that easily uprooted my Guava tree to its one side on the ground.

The events at the time of the incident: then it was amazing to see such a fiercely blowing force of roaring wind that lasted for almost 20 minutes; I stood frozen and forgot to take a snap or video of it! After the raining was over, I went to my room and found it brighter than before! There was no Guava tree seen through the window. Frustrated I went out into the garden and found it uprooted and laid down on its side to the ground.
Now I come to know about this mighty villainous windy rain: it is called the Downburst - Microburst type. It is said to be formed by rain-cooled air coming down to the earth from the sky when there is a thunderstorm. The strong wind's speed may reach well above 240km/hr!
Later, on the next day to this incident, I found out that not only my tree was uprooted in the downburst but also many other trees within a distance of about six kilometers!
Nature sometimes becomes furious and fierce showing us its mightiness with such wonders like this Downburst - that came unexpectedly and pulled down my tree that stood high in my garden till that day! Its a nature of mother
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Ranjith Thiru said...

Even nature have some natures, amazing!

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