Friday, November 4, 2011

Another visual treat from garden!

If we get something unusual we are amazed. You see here the flowers of hybrid Cluster beans that were robust and grew up tall over a meter!

Garden has often winged visitors that it invites with its plants. Here are the pictures of a

Locust in close view

Plain white flowers invariably have pleasant smell that if you smell you will never forget it in your lifetime! A fragrant flower from In
dian Mulberry tree (Morinda coreia, 'Manjanathi' in Tamil):

Even tiny flowers have their own attracting colours; but they go unnoticed by us. Here is a weed's flower:

A Rose plant bears a reddish flower - a
Red Rose:

A wayside bushy plant that bears fruits for bulbuls and bunches of flowers of varied colours - a bunch from this

Here is an orange Table Rose to enchant you:

Such garden wonders are to continue in my next post too! - are they most welcome?

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h e m a n t h said...

Yes, these pictures are most welcome! But we would also like some more interesting information about each of these natural wonders!

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