Friday, November 18, 2011

Garden Wonders!

Though some plants are thorny, they bear beautiful flowers and have also medicinal properties; you see a flower of Tack weed (Tribulus terrestris, 'Nerunji' in Tamil).
A blue flower with thin petals from a weed that has also tinnier leaves:

Again here is a bunch of flowers from Lantana:

Kid's delicacy - from a tree that bears these viscous and sweet berries:

A pinkish wonder flower that you cannot see with naked eyes in garden but that you can see here in this close-up!

Twins wonder us. What about plants? You see here Peacockflower twin seeds first and their pod next!

A pure white flower attracts with its wavy petals here: a white Table rose flower:

So far you have seen wonders from my garden. Shall we switch over next to our posts on wonder Nature? Get ready to follow!

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