Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry-go-round, Earth and train are interrelated!

Science teacher at school explained why trees grown along the sides of railway track seem to 'run' back as one travels in a train. But I did not expect at that time that that explanation and my realisation will help me later in life to understand easily a mega event that happens daily! What is it?

It is the daily movement of our own
Earth - its spin, its rotation around in its own axis by itself! Daily we see our big star, the Sun, move overhead and set; Moon to rise in the East and set in the West; Stars to appear on the same location at each day's night as do the Planets also. These all are not their own movements; but they are due to a single movement - rotation by the Earth!

Like a traveler in a train we travel each day placed on the Earth in its spinning movement - exactly like that of a
Merry-go-round. Unlike in train travel (where we travel in distance and don't see the same trees appear again and again!), we see the Sun, Moon, Stars and the Planets appear again and again - we move around ourselves; spin fastened to the spinning Earth!

It is a wonder experience that we have each day both at daytime and night time though we are unaware of it!

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