Saturday, June 23, 2012

Breeding-tie in dogs

Frequently we see dogs move in groups, as they too are social as we are
. But sometimes, especially during the monsoon season, when dogs are seen standing as a pair they are shouted at and driven away. We do not like their such pairing on the streets and dislike it. But anxious people have a quick look at them and turn their heads away. These dogs after their pairing or mating cannot separate themselves from each other. Most of the people move away pitying on them, but also with a puzzling question in their mind's corner, 'Poor things, why they cannot separate themselves now?'

Our animal science has the answer for it: during mounting on the female dog and mating by the male dog the gland bulbus glandis present at the base of its penis swells up, when its penis is fully inside female's vagina; now the vagina contracts and its outer rim becomes smaller; the male dog's penis gets locked in. Thus even after mating and coming down of male dog, they cannot separate and they now remain butt to butt. This is their breeding-tie. It stays with them for about thirty minutes during which time sperms come out in ejaculations into the vagina to fertilize the eggs.
This is a wonder phenomenon of Nature that ensures the birth of pups in a large litter!

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