Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Installation of Stone Henges

Druids, the priests from the Celts of Britain are said to have built the Stone Henges. They must have thought like this: at certain periods of the year plants come out of soil and grow tall by getting the power from the Sun. Why our human race could not get power from the Sun too? To harness the power of sun, the priests could have used their astronomical knowledge to calculate the periods of solar activity and to find the important positions on their land where the infrastructures – the Stone Henges may be installed. Then they built the Stone Henges with the inner stones fixed in the important positions. The regularly arranged inner stones might have represented the seat positions of the King’s court. At certain periods of the year when the sun’s power could be harnessed the most, the King’s court could have assembled there and taken their special seats. Then the rituals might have been started to bestow the stability and sovereignty to the king’s court and hence to the entire kingdom.

View and read also: www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Druid

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