Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Summary and the Invitations

The wonders in the structural arrangement, its stories, purpose and the conjectures about the Stone Henges, and the related topics were placed here in this blog. Viewers and readers could have their own conjectures and opinions about the Stone Henges, and also personal experiences about related wonders in their countries, or in their urban or suburban places. They are invited to express or share them here. Historians, Archaeologists, Astronomers and all those interested in Stone Henges may co-operate and do research – to unravel the secrets revolving around the WONDER, the Stone Henges that were ‘created’ by and due to, the long gap of centuries.
Read also/again in the 'Older posts' following this presently read post to get all the views expressed by me in this blog about the StoneHenges!

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