Thursday, October 29, 2009

Magic Golden bangles of Chemistry!

In my college Chemistry laboratory there are racks and racks of small reagent bottles containing various chemical solutions. As a curious chemistry student then, I used to see the reactions as when a reagent is added to another one or multiple reagents added to a single one in a test tube. It was really adventurous to note the various chemical reactions taking place - change of color, production of colored solution from colorless one, precipitation of solids as a magic from a solution and colored vapors coming out with specific odors! A wonderful reaction to which one of our lecturers

Friday, October 23, 2009

The mute FM Pocket Radio Receiver!

In the year 1970, I tried to tune in a new Pocket radio
receiver. But I could not hear any voice or music with it as there was no radio station found in its band. The radio was a present from a German penfriend to my brother - in- law. But how can a receiver produce sound if ...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spider Pill to cut Medical Bill!

Excitement awaits for doctors whenever something disturbs patient from within his abdomen. If his abdomen is cut open and viewed they could stop the disturbance; but the procedure is both invasive and risky. Now a less invasive and novel way to view the inner wall of intestine has been devised by the Italian Scientists using a small device
called 'Spider Pill.'

Friday, October 9, 2009

Wonderful Peacock Flower Tree!

As a school going boy I know about a tree that bears beautiful flowers. This tree that was present in my school had its ground all strewn with its reddish yellow flowers.
We used to chew these flower petals to get the sour taste out of them! ...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sleeping Rhythm set by Biological Clock!

Every day we maintain our body and mind to stay fresh, alert and healthy by subjecting or submitting ourselves to this activity (of inactivity)! I mean here our Sleeping! We sleep in about one third of our lifetime – to do our best and clever activities, when we are awake. This wonderful sleeping mechanism is essential to all animals including birds, reptiles and fish. Sleep deprivation makes both the body and mind activities dull and makes all susceptible to accidents, and also to illnesses.

This sleeping time is set by the Biological Clock present inside the brain (Hypothalamus). It is maintained by the Circadian Rhythm that is governed by the light and darkness cycles found in the Earth. But the subtle mechanism of this clock is altered by our activities, desires, excitement and drugs! But even after these alterations this clock reminds (warns) us always about sleeping, and succeeds in making us fall asleep in the next possible instant. If we ignore it repeatedly and put this clock in ‘Snooze,’ we will surely land up in problems such as memory loss, irritability, tremors, headache, mental illnesses, Diabetes and Heart diseases.

There are two types of stages in a sleeping time: Non-Rapid Eye Movement and Rapid Eye Movement stages (NREM & REM). These two stages follow one another and are repeated in about five cycles. The NREM sleep lasts for about 90 minutes and the REM for 20 minutes. NREM sleep is the deeper sleep in which all the systems slow down, and bed-wetting and sleep talking also occur! But in REM, there are rapid movements of eyeballs from side to side and dreams that we remember at morning!
Mechanical engines perform well when given maintenance such as dust removing, giving rest and oiling. Similarly, our body and mind are also maintained daily by the sleep by itself: we need not take any effort in it ourselves!
This wonderful sleeping mu
st be desired and undergone by each one of us, and should not be ignored by each one of us for the health of all of us! 

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