Friday, July 23, 2010

Spiral Eye makes threading easy!

Now, I experience it as a tough task- the threading in a needle, as my mom had in my teen years. Either I trim and moisten the end of the thread or push a steel blade's edge into the needle's eye to clear it and try, and retry threading. This job was earlier simplified by using a Threader. But now a lady has invented a fool proof sewing needle.

With it you need not go in for searching any threader, reading glasses or trimmer. You can thread it within seconds with your eyes closed! It eases the difficulty of middle-aged class of people who are having Presbyopia, the age related reading problem. The lady is Mrs.Parn Turner from Minnesota. Her invention has been named as Spiral Eye Needle. This needle is seen to have a gap on one side of its eye. The thread is draped over the needle near this gap into the eye. This reminds me of the old method of adding keys to a steel ring through its 'tight' gap!

This invention of the wonder Spiral Eye needle is really a boon to the distressed moms!

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