Saturday, October 22, 2011

Appealing wonders - Garden pictures!

An unusual colour excites and sticks well to your mind - a Yellow Shoe flower shows itself here:

Delicious fruits that were offered by my tree (that was uprooted by a downburst) - Guava fruits invite you here:

Some trees have all of their parts as useful to us - here we see Tamarind flowers that are beautiful and mouth- watering too!

We see often wonders on plants after a rain shower - a pearly water drop shining on Banana leaf:

A childhood wonder (but poisonous) got from a vine in my backyard - Coral Peas!

A starter for a child's garden - a Table Rose:

For appreciating excellence in Nature go closer to it; you shall see millions of wonders in it. Here is an example: Passionflower.

Is green always associated with leaves? No, leaves also display other colours for your eyes to feast on - Crotons, a visual treat!

Wonders are seen well than read - an easy job that saves time, isn't it? Shall I post more such wonder pictures? I shall!
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