Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Panoramic Views of Pothigai Hills at Courtallam - Waterfalls - 4

The famous waterfalls of Courtallam are Main Falls, Five Falls, Old Falls, Tiger Falls, Little Falls (Chitraruvi in Tamil language) and Fruit Falls (Pazhla Thotta Aruvi). Two more big waterfalls are also there but in higher altitudes: Shenbaga Devi Falls and Honey Falls.
These two falls could be approached only by trekking on tracks over the hills. Guides have to accompany you to reach the Honey Falls. I have gone to the Honey Falls climbing and hopping over rocks, and seen the water falling down from the top of a lofty hill cutting through a rock. There are unusually huge Honey bee hives attached to the cleavage walls of the hill through which the water falls down. Hence the falls is called as Honey Falls. You cannot go near the falls as there is a deep ditch down the falls site. So, you cannot take bath in it. But you can ‘taste’ the pure crystal clear and cool water flowing down as a stream towards you. From there I was able to view the beautiful scenes of the plains down and away the hills!

In the past, about once in four years people from the nearby districts there used to visit Courtallam. Nowadays with all the transport facilities available, people from all over South India visit the place regularly at least once in a year!

There are resorts in and around Courtallam for the visiting people to stay and enjoy. Cuisines of both Veg. and Non-Veg. types are served in the hotels and eateries.

For entertaining the kids playing parks, Aquarium and Mini zoo are there.

The Courtallam, ‘The Spa of South India’ at the foot hills of Pothigai Hills is a wonderful place to all those who seek Nature, Science and Medicine!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Panoramic Views of Pothigai Hills at Courtallam - Animals - 3

At Courtallam we can enjoy the antics of monkeys which come in troops – sometimes they seize the eatables from you, when you are unaware! You shall have to carry with you a stick to ward off them. You can also see often baby monkeys cuddling to the chests of their mothers!

Pothigai Hills
have forests that show a wide and rich biodiversity: you can see Millipedes and Slugs of various sizes moving on in damp places.

One can hear the Beetles that make noise having a characteristic note and see the Fireflies as moving lights at night. Lizards crawl on the forest floor, and the Fruit Bats fly away every evening from their roosting places on the trees. The moist rocks are covered with Lichen and Moss . Ferns greet you with their fronds on the wayside.

If you have seen a similar wonder place with such all animals, insects and plants you can share here your experience.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Panoramic Views of Pothigai Hills at Courtallam - Flowers - 2

Courtallam , everywhere we can see fragrant flowers in full bloom, larger in size than those in the plains. I should mention here specially about a flower, Champak or Shenbagapoo (Magnolia champaca), that is available here. It is yellowish and has heavenly fragrance! It is offered to the God, Thirukutrallanathar of the reputed Siva temple here. People used to buy these flowers preserved in transparent bottles and carry to the plains to place in the showcase of their house.

The children from the plains see this Touch-Me-Not or the
Sensitive Plant ('Thottal Sinnungi' in Tamil) with wonder, and have the experience of touching its leaves that fold and retract themselves in response!

Various fruits are available here at Courtallam: Mangosteen, Carambola, Pample mousse, Rambuttan, Jack fruit,Java Plum (Naavel Pazhlam), Durian and the Mango ! You can share here your thoughts by posting comments.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Panoramic Views of Pothigai Hills at Courtallam - 1

Each year in July and August, South India receives seasonal rains by South West monsoon. Western Ghats have continuous rainfall at this time. Pothigai Hills are also on the Western Ghats.

The clouds always embrace the Pothigai Hills predicting good rains on their slopes. As a result, there is a copious flow of fresh and cool medicinal water down the hills to make the famous waterfalls at the place called Courtallam. Courtallam is at the foot hills of Pothigai Hills. Here at Courtallam there is always breeze whistling through trees, with fine drizzling called 'Saaral' in local language (Tamil).

The drizzles and the rains over the hills are absorbed on a sponge-like cover of medicinal herbs. As this water soaks the medicinal herbs it gets medicinal properties from them. Then it seeps and percolates down in small streams which join to form the great waterfalls down at the foot hills, Courtallam.

All those visiting Courtallam never miss to have a bath at the waterfalls, and thereby to have a fresh mind, wonderful and sensational experiences, and all those benefits resulting out of it!

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