Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Health Enhancing Wonder - Cordyceps!

When I found ants float on the cow’s milk or when dead caterpillars were found in the dishes made with cereals or beans, my grandmother encouraged relishing the drink or the dish, explaining about the enhanced nutrients they provide: they are good for the eyes and kids’ growth! The Chinese had tasted such dishes that we rejected with fear and distaste, and found medicinal properties in them! Yes, I refer from here the Vegetable Caterpillar Fungus (Cordyceps sinensis). It is a vegetable on a non-vegetable! The fungus infects the caterpillar and converts it as its dwelling, preserving the caterpillar form (parasitism).

It is said that Cordyceps fungus is used in Chinese traditional medicines. More than that: its consumption is attributed to have made the Chinese athletes break many world records in their National Games in 1993, by improving their performances! Its derivatives are also used to aid in human organ transplantations. It is more powerful than the ‘Ginseng’ root in healing.

Such a wonderful fungus having many health benefits is abundant in the high altitudes of Himalayan plateau.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another source of Biodiesel - Pongam Tree!

There is another source of biodiesel apart from the Jatropha plant. It is the Pongam Tree (Pongamia pinnata). Its seeds contain up to 30% of oil. This oil is called Pungam Oil or Honge Oil, and it is used in electric generators for lighting and water pumping, and also as medicine in a host of diseases.

The tree is drought resistant and is raised for its canopy in avenues that gives shadow in the sun shine. Strikingly, its leaves bear brownish galls of pea-size. These galls are formed after the affection of its leaves with insect pests, giving these peculiar nodular surfaces to the leaves!

The Pongam tree is a wonder tree with multiple uses for the mankind. That is why the Indian farmers are being encouraged to grow them a lot.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Enchanting 3 D

As a boy, in 1970s I have come across 3 D pictures, for the first time. These three dimensional pictures have depth information also for our viewing! My elder brother allowed me then to view in 3 D the photos that were on a disc reel, through his ‘View-Master .’ Still I remember Saachaa Nehru (former Prime Minister of India then) in his long white coat with a rose adorned on it! As the disc reel was rotated each photo came into my eyes for giving 3 D perception.

Then 3 D photos on photo paper were in circulation. Another version of 3 D effect is felt when you stare close at a bizarre image – a 3 D image lifts itself up and stands out from the paper! It is called Autostereogram or Magic Eye Images .

Next films came with 3 D effects that are to be experienced by wearing special glasses. Now even these glasses themselves have been disposed off: you can view directly 3 D films on special TV screens in near future!

Recently Laser 3 D TV has also been researched to get this 3 D effect for us. I wonder that soon we may have to search and distinguish our own real eye view of our world from those images in the 3 D world!

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Mark Guaranteeing a Standard Product!

We all see this mark, CE on most of the electronic and other products in every place of the world. What is this and what is the use of this mark?

It is an abbreviated form for the French words “Conformite’ Europeene.” It means “European Conformity.”

If a product bears this CE mark, it is guaranteed that you have a quality product as it complies with European standards of health, safety and environmental protection. Such a marked product of any country can be purchased in the open market anywhere in the world! No restrictions are imposed on the movement of these products within selected countries. Even the Government departments can place them directly in the market for sale, away from its production countries.

This mark is a wonder everywhere!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Touring the World on Verve Earth! - 2

I am continuing here my account of touring the world on Verve Earth satellite!

I find many blogs are not updated frequently. One such blogger says in his post that he has moved to Wordpress but will keep on visiting the Blogger blog then and there!

In a blog from Russia I found a post that mentioned about disposable mobile phone! A Chinese blog from Shanghai exhibited beautiful photos and photos only – a bamboo tree, swans and others!

An Australian blog post showed a photo of a VIP vomiting on the road from his car. A Malaysian fun blog quotes Einstein’s third law to catch a lion: first present yourself to the lion ……..! Then the lion will come to you – to be caught!

It was really a wonderful tour to view all these wonder blogs of the world!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Touring the World on Verve Earth! - 1

Touring the world as if sitting on a satellite and having a look at the blogs of Bloggers present all over the world will be both awful and interesting, isn’t it? I was in a similar situation when I combed through all the world’s continents for the blogs of Bloggers in Verve Earth website! I share here that wonderful experience with you!

In my tour there were regions like that of South America where I cannot read the blogs at all, as they were in local language script. But I could see a blog there that has cartoons and cartoons only!

One blogger near India in Maldives offers help to women of her country to redress their worries through law!

In North America bloggers have their blogs on wide variety of topics. Many of the bloggers I found on the tour are Software Engineers or Technologists working in other nations far away from their native nation. Some of them have even formed their National Community Blogs!

I shall not stop with this and you shall have to wait only just a few days: I shall continue this in my next post until then you can have your own experience on the satellite, Verve Earth!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Hanging Upside Down of Bats

I had earlier displayed these following on the Poll of this blog: Why do bats hang upside down in the ceiling?

  1. For hibernating easily

  2. For easy take off to flight

  3. Predators cannot access them from below

  4. Bones are weak for upright posture

  5. For all the above reasons

  6. Easier to locate the predator ultrasonically

  7. Reason not yet found or proved

What could be your choice from these? You can click on comments placed below this post and check the answer. I have revealed it there!

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